With the robust product range of around 200 brands in 400 dosage forms Aristopharma is focusing to be a major player in the branded generic market of this region.
Being a value-driven and ethics-pursued company Aristopharma manufactures its products through strict quality control, continuous improvement and innovation. Starting in 1986 the company has now a wide range of medicines- starting from simple tablet, capsule, cream, ointment, suppository, liquid, ophthalmic products, injection to hi-tech insulin, lyophilized injections, inhalers, pre-filled syringe & biotech products. The products range from antibiotics to antiulcerants, from cardiovasculars to antidiabetics, from NSAIDs to vitamins & minerals, from antipsychotics to antifungals and many more.
Aristovision, the ophthalmic division of Aristopharma Ltd. is the #1 ophthalmic company in Bangladesh. It has the largest product portfolio among all ophthalmic manufacturers of Bangladesh and has been exporting a good number of products to foreign countries. The portfolio includes antibiotics, antifungals, antivirals, antiinfective & steroid combinations, steroids, anti-allergics, NSAIDs, mydriatics, dry eye products, antiglaucoma products, eye vitamins, anti-cataractogenics, viscoelastic and hypertonic solution etc. The dosage forms are solution, suspension, emulsion, ointment, gel etc.