Message of Company Directors

Dr. S M Nurul Hoque

Managing Director

Dr. S. M. Nurul Hoque, Managing Director of the New Life & Co. (Pvt.) Ltd. He is the leading industrialist in the Traditional Medicine (Herbal Medicine) sector. He is actively engaged in development activity of Homoeopathic, Unani, Ayurvedic Medicine System. He is the member of Bangladesh Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia committee. Connected with Bangladesh Unani Aushad Shilpa Samity as Vice-President  & Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI). He has visited Herbal Industries of Malayasia, Idonesia, Australia, Pakistan, India & Singapore & Trained in Traditional Medicine from China and Iran. Dr. S. M. Nurul Hoque actively related as member with Bangladesh Red Crescent Society, Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon, rotary Club of Dhaka North-East also.

Dr. S M Enamul Huq

Director (Production)

Dr. S. M. Enamul Hoque, Director (Production) of the New Life & Co. (Pvt.) Ltd. He is the entrepreneur of Homoeopathic, Cosmetics & Food industries. He is also established Homoeo Practitioner. Actively engaged with different social, educational organization. He has visited India several times to observe Homoeopathic and Unani Pharmaceuticals development actively.

S M Shamsul Haque

Director (Sales & Marketing)

S. M. Shamsul Hoque, Director (Sales & Marketing) of the New Life & Co. (Pvt.) Ltd.. He is the young entrepreneur in the Traditional Medicine sector. He is devoted to develop New Life Company for the ailing people and for nourishing Traditional Medicine sector. Socially he is actively involved with different educational and social organization. He has visited different Herbal Industry of India, Pakistan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia & Iran.

S M Rezaul Haque

Director (Finance & Accounts)

S. M. Rezaul Hoque, Director (Finance & Accounts) of New LIfe & Co. (Pvt.) Ltd. He is the co-ordinator of Traditional Homoeopathic Pharmacy of Bangladesh  The “New Life Pharmacy” of Dhaka Govt. New Market. He is also devoted social thinker activist of Dhaka city. 

Dr. S M Ataul Huq

Director (Administration)

Dr. S. M. Ataul Hoque, Director (Administration) of New Life & Co. (Pvt.) Ltd. He is the chief physician of the renowned Homoeopathic Pharmacy of the country ” The New Life Pharmacy” of Dhaka Govt. New Market.